Who needs physical, emotional, spiritual healing?

Many women, men, and couples around the world are broken. Their bodies, mind, emotions, and spirit have been injured by the use of contraception. The effects of the pill, the shot, the ring, the fix, or the morning-after pill on their lives are devastating. 

The use of contraceptives may cause profound grief and shame especially when the contraceptive prevents pregnancy after conception. Many times, the pain is hidden and unacknowledged. The loss of a unique human life with the use of abortifacients or the rejection of children can be a source of profound, wounds, darkness, and despair.  This ministry wants to raise awareness of the real pain suffered by real people.

The resources we share here are about hope, forgiveness, conversion, healing, and love.



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  1. This new ministry is so desperately needed. We did not know what was at the root of so much of the pain in our marriage until we finally opened our minds and hearts to questioning whether contraception could be the cause. The Church’s teaching about the necessity of having every marital embrace be open to the potential for new life is truly beautiful and guards the dignity and respect for every person in the family: each spouse and every child conceived. Healing finally came to our marriage once we both admitted and confessed and worked on forgiving each other and ourselves for committing the sin of contracepting. May the Lord bless this new ministry of One More Soul!

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